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2020 EquitasDX Results

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Wasn’t a bad year for everything

EquitasDx, LLC., 01/09/21,

Portland, OR – EquitasDx Announces 2020 Yearend Results. Adds proprietary

virtual engagement platform to maximize cost containment and advocacy.

EquitasDx’s leadership has long understood there is a much larger continuum to cost

containment than simply deploying an RBP program focused on auditing and repricing

claims. David Vizzini, CEO & Founder comments, “An RBP program cannot fully

succeed without member and client advocacy. We have added a proprietary virtual

engagement solution to complete our methodology.”

Sherry Freeman, VP – Client Relations adds “A virtual engagement solution, without

requiring a download, installation of an application, or password, in a HIPAA secure

environment is essential to reengage members, providers, and clients in our current

environment. A “one-click” to instant secure video engagement doesn’t exist in our

industry – until now.”

EquitasDx finished 2020 with zero unresolved claims, and a total provider disruption of

0.07%. Our cost containment solution is rooted in advocacy. With in-house clinical,

legal, and data processing we will defend our process. We have been extremely

successful in resolving claims to the satisfaction of our client plans, stop-loss partners,

and members throughout 2020, and continue with even more tools into 2021 and


EquitasDx, LLC is an innovative cost management company that was built for the sole

purpose of achieving transparency and accountability in healthcare reimbursement.

Using robust technology, data analytics, and decades of payor and provider experience

in the medical and legal advocacy space, EquitasDx stands apart from other cost

containment companies by providing an entire platform of multidisciplinary cost

containment services.

EquitasDx delivers solutions to maximize savings in the Payor community for third-party

administrators, self-funded employers, medical management, brokers, stop-loss,

managing general underwriters, and reinsurance carriers. For more information, contact

Sherry Freeman, VP Client Relations, at, 503-610-0080 Ext.

2, and visit us on the web at

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