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9th Annual HealthCare Consortium Success

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Date: February 16-19, 2023 Location: Sunriver, Oregon

Veritas Allies is proud to report that its 9th Annual Healthcare Consortium delivered a long overdue networking and educational opportunity to a vibrant crowd of attendees and sponsors who helped make the event possible.

The consortium continues to focus on a multifaceted COE concept that illustrates the necessity for thoughtful integration, fiduciary integrity and the importance of an “In-House” delivery system to maximize cost containment efforts, Plan and member experience.

Mary Beth Donalson, owner, Diversified Benefit Administrators had this to say, “I really got a lot of useful information and great new ideas out of the sessions this year … I always enjoy the camaraderie at the conference and look forward to it each year!”

Our sponsor-partners are very much the heart of the consortium, and we would like to recognize them for their contributions. Chordline Health, IOA RE, CareValet, Diversified Benefit Administrators, Shasta Administrative Services, Prodigy Health Insurance Services, Recovery Centers of America, and Health Insurance Services. Veritas Allies CEO David Vizzini states, “The educational sessions are always next-level, but each year the activities deliver the best value. Year after year we witness folks form lifelong relationships … and it’s often from some grand unexpected experience. This year we all rolled with a gas leak in the house, wearing extravagant onsies throughout the event, skiing the epic Mt. Bacherlor and finishing things off with a spontaneous outing to utilize our negotiating skiils to secure snowmobiles and blast up a closed road to the rim of the infamous Crater Lake.”

The consortium will be creating a Dropbox folder with all the content from our sessions along with other collateral material for our clients and partners to access and make good use of. This will include contact information for each of the attendees … as well as those who were not able to attend.

Veritas Allies, LLC (“Veritas”) is the parent company of an integrated consortium of cost-containment companies that deliver innovative programs and technology to the healthcare industry. Veritas provides collaborative solutions for Payors and Providers alike by utilizing in-house resources designed to deliver on the COE concept across each of our companies: EquitasDX, EquitasHP, ServusCare and MedicusSTAT. Veritas partners with employers, brokers, consultants, third-party administrators, stop-loss, reinsurance carriers, and Providers to maximize clinical and financial outcomes.

For more information, contact us, at:, 503-610-0080, or visit us on the web

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