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Centers Of Excellence (COE) Concept Revitalized

The Centers Of Excellence (COE) Concept Revitalized Through Reference-Based Pricing: How An In-House, Service Oriented Approach Can Do Far More Than Simply Satisfy Legislative Mandates.

Portland, OR – The Centers Of Excellence (COE) Concept Revitalized Through Reference-Based Pricing: How An In-House, Service Oriented Approach Can Do Far More Than Simply Satisfy Legislative Mandates.

Enabling patients to identify high quality providers at a reasonable price should have been an industry-wide objective long ago, rather than the frenzied scramble we now see as folks struggle to comply with new legislative mandates. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through implementation of a network of interconnected (“in-house”) cost-containment programs that work concurrently to provide the only true path toward achieving a COE program experience, self-insured entities finally have a solution that satisfies patient needs, as well as new legislative requirements.

The high amount of turnover seen in the cost-containment industry is a clear indication that most vendors have structured their models toward profit over service. Through these shortsighted practices, long-term savings are not only unsustainable they ensure that the member and plan experience are increasingly poor over time. This souring effect only serves to further deteriorate the attractiveness and value of self-funding, as well as the opportunity to use reference-based pricing as a vehicle to achieve a truly functional COE platform. There is a better way, and we invite you to join us as we discuss the path toward revitalizing the COE concept through a purposeful “in-house” reference-based pricing model.

Webinar RSVP, Wednesday, June 9th @ 10:00am PST. Register HERE

This webinar will set in motion a series of conversations designed to help our healthcare community members measure their current or prospective cost-containment choices. We will also discuss current legislative requirements, which will continue to evolve over the coming year, as well as how to achieve a true COE program experience through a reference-based pricing model.

A note from the leadership team at Veritas Allies:

There is a much more complex process and nuanced balance to maintaining a successful cost-containment program than merely implementing a reference-based pricing platform that focuses solely on auding and repricing claims – without true member and client advocacy, no RBP platform can succeed for long.

“At Veritas Allies, we continue to improve our processes and technology, in order to better serve our clients, which is why we have added new proprietary software that further enhances our offerings and “in-house” advocacy capabilities. We understand that Providers could care less about the various claims RBP vendors make about their data collection and their shiny new reports that have been added to their same tired platforms… these assertions lead nowhere. Without a proper service-oriented approach and true integrated advocacy practices, Providers will simply balance bill patients and blacklist RBP vendors. This is how our company differentiates itself, we go the extra mile to deliver on our promises and work with Providers to find equitable solutions, without simply pointing to useless reports – it’s called advocacy,” states David Vizzini, Founder & CEO.

Veritas Allies, LLC (”Veritas”) is the parent company of an integrated consortium of cost-containment companies that deliver innovative programs and technology to the healthcare industry. Veritas provides collaborative solutions for Payors and Providers alike by utilizing “in-house” resources designed to deliver on the COE concept across each of our companies: EquitasDX, EquitasHP, ServusCare and MedicusSTAT. Veritas partners with employers, brokers, consultants, third-party administrators, stop-loss, reinsurance carriers, and Providers to maximize clinical and financial outcomes.

For more information, contact Sherry Freeman, VP Client Relations, at, 503-610-0080 Ext. 2, and visit us on the web at:

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